Wednesday, November 10, 2010

50 Reasons to Leave It Alone

Your son's penis, that is.
DaVinci's "Vitruvian Man" - Did you ever notice that he has his whole penis?

I know, talking about baby penises seems like a strange choice for a blog post.  I used to think that penises came in two varieties, circumcised and uncircumcised....but education is a powerful thing.  Now, I know that they only come in one style - Natural - and we, as parents, choose to alter what God or Nature or Evolution or The Great Spaghetti Monster created.

Why am I calling "uncircumcised" penises "natural"?  Most of the "intactivist" culture uses the word "Intact", which is also accurate, but really, an uncircumcised penis is exactly that - natural.  

Just like women without breast implants have "natural" boobs, or a person has their "natural" nose before a nose job.   It's the way nature made it - therefore, a natural penis.  Does that mean a circumcised penis is unnatural?  Yes, it does.  

I do want to note that I'm not anti-circumcision.  If an adult man wants to modify his body, that is his choice and I support it - just as I would support a woman who wanted labiaplasty, or anyone who wanted to stretch their earlobes or tattoo their body.  I am opposed to the routine circumcision of infants for non-medical reasons.

So, here are 50 reasons to leave your son's penis alone and not let a doctor cut it up.

1.) It's his.

2.) I've never met a man who wanted "less" penis when he was old enough to care.  Men tend to like their penises just the way they are.

3.) You can change your mind.  It's not possible to "un-circumcise", although there are men who have chosen to restore their foreskin later in life.  If you're not sure, don't decide at all.   It's a non-decision.  :)

4.) There is no medical reason to do it routinely.

5.) Circumcision isn't the majority for newborns anymore.  According to the New York Times, the infant circumcision rate is down to 32%.  That means 68% of your son's locker room will likely have natural penises.  If you circumcise, he will probably ask you why he's different from his buddies.

6.) Natural penises are easier to take care of during the diaper-changing years.  Just wipe it like a finger.  No retracting, no mess or fuss.  Compare that to having to care for an open wound in a diaper.

7.) You wouldn't cut your baby girl's genitals.  In fact, it's illegal - even a "nick" is illegal.  Male circumcision is a lot more involved than a nick!

8.) Many doctors and nurses refuse to perform the procedure because it violates the Hippocratic Oath - First, Do No Harm.

9.) It hurts.  A lot.  Really.  Don't believe me?  Watch a video.  With the sound up, please.  If you can't watch the whole thing, can you really ask your newborn to go through it?

10.) Babies can't be properly anesthetized.  An older child or adult would be given anesthesia and strong pain medication after any kind of operation, especially one on their genitals.  Babies can't have the same level of anesthesia and after-care medicine that an older child or an adult would receive.

11.) Did you know?  Infant circumcision rates are less than 10% in the following counties: England, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, all of South and Central America, Japan, China, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and more.

Infant circumcision rates are higher than 10% in the following countries: USA, Israel, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon,  Yemen, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of Congo, Eritrea, and Kenya. 

12.) Men with natural penises are less likely to experience Erectile Dysfunction as they age.  Translation - your son will be less likely to need Viagra when he's 55.

13.) Female sexual partners of men with natural penises are more likely to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.  They are also less likely to need lubricant.

14.) There are over 20,000 nerve endings in the foreskin.  That's more than in the female clitoris.

15.) The foreskin protects the head of the penis.

16.) The foreskin provides lubrication during sexual intercourse.  Men with natural penises are less likely to use lubrication during sex or masturbation.

17.) No major medical organization on earth recommends routine circumcision of infants.

18.) It's easy to clean when he's older.  Shower.   Besides, by the time his foreskin is retractable, (average age, 10.4 years old), you will no longer be cleaning his penis.  I hope.

19.) Circumcision does not prevent AIDS, or any other STD. Condoms do.  Having sex with one, monogamous partner and avoiding IV drug use prevents AIDS.  Why would you assume your baby's going to be a man-whore anyway?

20.) We don't chop off ears to prevent ear infections.  We don't remove baby toenails to prevent fungal infections.  We don't cut off body parts anymore when a wound becomes infected.  In the very unlikely event your son does develop an infection, we have antibiotics. 

21.) Circumcision in the US began as a method to discourage masturbation, advocated by Kellogg, the cereal magnate, who also believed in the importance of daily cold enemas.  Really - true story!! He stressed that circumcision should be done without anesthesia so boys would remember the pain every time they wanted to masturbate.   How'd that work out?

22.)  Natural penises only "look funny" to you if they are unfamiliar to you.  Your son's generation will see them as normal.

23.) Women produce far more smegma than men, but we don't cut off their baby girl labia to keep things "clean."

24.) Your son will respect you for leaving the decision up to him, and for respecting his right to genital integrity.

25.) Complications of circumcision are NOT rare. Check out this thread on (a mommy board, not a circumcision website) to read their stories.

26.) Most hospital circumcisions are performed by Obstetricians and Gynecologists, whose specialty is female reproduction, not male.

27.) Circumcision is not usually performed in a sterile operating room, but in a dirty nursery or a side room in hospitals without nurseries.

28.) Circumcision makes money for doctors.  A doctor who performs circumcisions makes an extra $20,000-160,000 per year on the operations.  That's why they offer circumcision at hospitals - for cash.  They'll ask you if you want your son circumcised multiple times at the hospital: they want the money.

29.) Less than 1% of men with foreskins will ever "need" to be circumcised, just as the vast majority of women will never need a hysterectomy or mastectomy.  We don't remove tonsils or fingernails or anything else at birth "in case" it has a problem.

30.) Penile cancer causes 300 deaths a year, almost exclusively in men over the age of 70.  Infant circumcision causes over 500 deaths a year worldwide.  Circumcision does not prevent penile cancer.

31.) Babies with foreskins are more likely to breastfeed successfully.  Infant circumcision interferes with breastfeeding and hinders breastfeeding success.  Isn't breastfeeding hard enough?

32.) Fathers don't spend time comparing penises with their sons.  If your son does notice that his penis is different from Dad's (other than size and hair), you can simply explain that Daddy had an operation when he was a baby.  My dad lost half of his ring finger in an accident, but I was never bothered by having all of my fingers.

33.) Your grandfather (or great-grandfather) probably wasn't circumcised, unless you are of Jewish or Muslim descent.  It's a relatively new thing in the USA.  Abe Lincoln and George Washington had foreskins.

34.) Most circumcised penises have scars.  If you've ever seen a circumcised penis, you have probably seen circumcision scars and didn't know what they were.  Curious?  Click here for pictures (adult eyes please, extremely graphic).

35.) When erect, natural penises don't look very different from circumcised ones (adult eyes please)

36.) Babies have died following complications of circumcision.

37.) Babies have had the glans (head) of their penis accidentally amputated during circumcision.

38.) Female circumcision was legal in the United States until 1985.  It was practiced in the USA as recently as the 1979 to prevent masturbation.

39.) Your health insurance may not cover the procedure.  Medicaid does not cover it in 16 states, and many major insurance companies also do not reimburse for the surgery, since it is cosmetic.  If your insurance doesn't cover it, it probably also does not cover any complications.

40.) Babies are strapped down on a circumstraint to have the procedure done.  That is the most unnatural, terrifying position for a baby, who previously was all curled up and safe inside Mama's body.

41.)  If you believe in evolution, why are men born with foreskins?  If you believe in God, why did he give men foreskins?  Did they screw up?

42.) If you are Christian, your religion actually *forbids* circumcision.  Your son's body is a temple, and Jesus was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices - including the foreskin.  See this link for more info.

43.) If you are Jewish, you should know that there is considerable debate about the religious necessity of circumcision. 

44.) If you do believe that your religion requires the sacrifice of the foreskin, your son can choose to sacrifice his foreskin in the name of religion when he is old enough to make the decision himself.

45.) The foreskin is fused to the head of an infant's penis, just like your fingernail is fused to your finger.  Have you ever pulled back your fingernail all the way?  Owwwwwwwwwwwww.

46.) Circumcision makes penises smaller.  Who wants a smaller penis?

47.) "My partner should make the decision, he has a penis/she looks at penises" is a dumb reason to abdicate responsibility for a decision.  You are your baby's parent, penis or not, and you have a responsibility to protect your child from harm.  Victims of FGM (aka female circumcision) are the most vocal supporters and perpetrators of the abuse.  Call on your inner Mama or Papa-bear and stand up for your baby's rights.  Make your partner watch a video with the sound on and convince YOU why they want this done to their precious child.

48.) You have seen an uncircumcised penis, and you probably didn't even notice.  Take a look at this (safe for kids) picture!

49.) He'll be in good company.  Check out this (in my opinion, mouth-watering) gallery of famous intact men!  From Elvis, James Dean, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jude Law and sooo many others.
 Jensen Ackles, my personal favorite.

50.) It's his.  I know, I said it already. but it's really the first and last reason - and perhaps the only one you really need.  It's his body, and unless medically necessary, it should be his choice.  You wouldn't give him a nose job without his permission, you wouldn't tattoo your infant.  This is the same thing.  If you really look at your motives, why would you want to take the risks?  Leave the decision where it belongs - in your son's hands.


  1. Wow. Those are all very good reasons! I wish my parents had considered at least one of those reasons when I was born. I might have remained intact. Instead I am restoring to regain what I can.

  2. Amazing list! I've passed this on to two of my coworkers who were just discussing today how they think it's good to circumcise BECAUSE OF TRADITION! These people...

  3. @Red, the phrase "to circumcise because of tradition" is another way of describing the repetition of the cycle of sexual abuse that "circumcision" is. Would we argue this same "tradition" if it were earlobes that we lopped off at birth? Your coworkers are abused people living in an abusive society that doesn't end with "circumcision", the euphemism for genital mutilation.

  4. ErinKate, I read that in societies that perform ritual prepucectomies on their sons that over approximately 4 or 5 generations the father's Y chromosomes become extinct due to bad circumcisions causing depressions that lead to violence and suicides which is why the Jews have ended up having to trace their blood lines back through their maternal heritage. David #9 would suggest to me that his 9 past grandfathers were not all circumcised. Do you know if there were any of them who were not subjected to this ritual covenant law?

  5. Um... Fred, that is interesting but a bit too far-fetched for me to add on as #51.... there are a number of good reasons to track generations through the maternal line, and the circumcised men I know are no more or less violent or suicidal than their intact peers.

    That being said, we believe that only 1 of the 9 Davids were circumcised. The first David was born long ago in Scotland, and Scots do not have a history of circumcision, then or now.

  6. Do you mind if we post this in our "Active Intactivist" column? We love it!

  7. Linked from MDC. Thank you for this excellent post!

    - Fellow intactivist mama

  8. Really informative information, wished I had received it 10 years ago...

  9. Excellent list of 50 perfect reasons to love, protect, and cherish our sons' bodily integrity. Thank you for putting so much effort and thought into this informative and easy to read post.

  10. When my son was born, the nurse asked us if we wanted him circumcised. I responded "HELL, no."

    My wife, from the bed where she was holding our new baby, said, "You can write that on the form if you want."


  11. What a GREAT list. The pain and bodily autonomy have been my two biggest reasons (and the only ones I really needed, personally) for not wanting any future sons to be circumcised, but it's great to have these other reasons that address some of the stereotypical reasons parents choose to circumcise. Anyhow, thank you for pulling this together. I've bookmarked it and will most DEFINITELY be pulling it out if/when my husband/family members give me any guff in the future.

  12. Wonderful list. It blows my mind that circumcision is considered normal and acceptable by so many. It's horrible for the baby and frankly I think cut penises look really gross. Not that natural ones are particularly attractive either but a cut penis just looks so naked and there are so often scars and skin tags and other icky things going on. I once watched a video online from Howard Stern's radio show where he had men with tiny penises on. Most of them were buried in to their bodies and I'm willing to bet that virtually all those tiny penises were a result of botched circumcision but I don't think any of the men mentioned that.

    When I was pregnant with my son I was the only one in the childbirth class having a boy. The teacher asked if we were cutting his penis to see if she needed to go through the care and maintenance stuff. I told her we were not doing it and one of the other dads asked me why I wouldn't do that in this very confrontational tone of voice. Cue one very ticked off pregnant lady. I gave him a long list of reasons against genital mutilation and asked him why on earth he would do it if he had a son. Felt kinda sorry for him actually, poor guy was a bit shell shocked ;-). Afterwards the teacher thanked me because she is also a strong believer in keeping penises whole but of course she can't push that in her class.

  13. Thanks for this! I'm sharing this one for all my friends who were very close-minded about my decision not to have my little boy circumcised.

  14. I gave birth to my son in a small, "baby friendly" hospital with waterbirth tubs in every room. It was a beautiful space, a very unusual hospital that paid close attention to gentle beginnings, didn't have a nursery, and taught safe co-sleeping practices. Yet, despite this attention to a peaceful start, they asked me 4 times if I wanted to have David circumcised. I told them no in 4 creative ways, learning that all of the nurses and most of the doctors didn't approve of the practice. THEY STILL DID IT. I will never forget resting in my beautiful room with my perfect son in my arms, listening to the screams of baby boys being cut in a little room next to the nurses' station. I cried and held David close - but those screams still haunt my nightmares. I wanted to run in and stand in front of that knife. I wanted to run to their parents rooms and shout, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOUR PERFECT BABY? I know it probably wouldn't have done any good, but I still feel like I didn't do enough. So, I'm speaking out. Thank you all for the comments. Share this. Share other information about circumcision. We can educate and stop this.

  15. I posted on MDC, but I also must post here. I really, really like this list. I have 2 beautiful intact boys and 1 beautiful intact girl. They have 2 daddies. The first was intact and asked why I would even consider it. I researched. Saw photos. BAWLED my eyes out. I still wonder where I got the IDEA that circ is ok.

    With dh, I told him before our first date in no uncertain terms that my children would all remain intact. So, all my children are perfect, they way they were born. I am a much happier mom because I choose to let my kids chose. I hope that this post reaches the parents who are on the fence.

  16. I have two daughters and I am pregnant with my first son. Circumcision has obviously never been a thought of mine until now. So, I started researching it and came across your blog. I watched the video you posted in your list and I can't stop crying. It is horrible - that poor baby. Even the father seems distressed, but the doctor doesn't really seem to be bothered. I don't know if I can shake it.

    There is absolutely no way I can do this to my son.

  17. @Bethany - that's why I wrote this. I'm so glad you found this site and it helped you make a decision! Until you really understand circumcision, it seems like no big deal. There's a saying in the "intactivist" world - the more you know, the worse it is.

    Congratulations on your baby boy!

  18. God bless you and your insight...babies everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. I wish it was mandatory that all mothers and fathers watch videos of this torture prior to signing consent forms...thanks again, well put!

  19. Well your list is interesting. I will say that #41 and 42 relating to religion you don't know what your talking about. In the old testament, it was law. Yes God made the whole man, however after the fall in the Garden of Eden, the circumsion was a covent between man and God. In the new testament Paul did say that you do not have to do this anymore because Christ came and died, but he also says you should not put people down for what they choose to do.
    Also I am not proud of this but I have seen many uncircumsied penis's and none of them had any ugly scars. My own sons where circumsied, with no issues at all with pain or the ridiculas claim that they cannot be breastfed.

    1. Pssh! "no pain" smh. Go ahead and slice your finger off and tell me if there is "no pain". Babies are born with the same amount of nerves as you have.

    2. you restore your foreskin and then circumcise yourself and see if their is pain or not

  20. Yes, in the old testament, circumcision was law. HOWEVER, historical evidence is now indicating that the procedure was very different during those times; rather than the full removal of the fused foreskin, which is a somewhat difficult surgery to do easily, the tip of the foreskin was "trimmed", which is the root of the word "bris". The concept of complete circumcision, as we know it, began to occur in the Hellenic period (just before the birth of Christ), when many Jews would pull their remaining foreskins down in order to use Greek and Roman bathhouses. Nowadays, there are some members of the Jewish faith who are questioning circumcision's necessity. I am not Jewish, which is why I referred you to the folks who are questioning it.

    As for the Christian aspect, the Bible is very specific that circumcision is not required by ANY definition to be Christian. The New Testament is, however, EXCEPTIONALLY clear about the evils of harming helpless children in the name of God.

    I would not expect you to see uncircumcised penises with scars... As for the scarring, not all would be considered "ugly." Keratinization, for example, is very common but many would consider it normal. The same thing applies to small skin tags and banding.

    I didn't claim that circumcised boys can't be breastfed. That's silly. I said it interferes with early breastfeeding and can make it more difficult.

  21. I believe as a parent, parents make desions based on there beliefs what is best for there children. People are not going to agree when it comes to there beliefs. Have you ever seen a baby when they are coming out of a bathtub and there naked and cold, they scream bloody murder. In all my years (and there is many) I have never once seen or heard of the kinds of things that are decribed here. Maybe these things you are speaking about, (Circumcision is not usually performed in a sterile operating room, but in a dirty nursery or a side room in hospitals without nurseries.) are frequant in the United States, but I can tell you here in Canada that is definatly not the case.

    Also I am triing to understand where you get your information about how circumsion can interfere with early breastfeeding? Never ever once has this ever been an issue.

    Yes the bible is very clear about harming helpless children in the name of God. It is your opion however on a circumsion. If it is done in an inhumae way, than yes it should not be allowed. But parents do have the right to decide on there children. Just like people have opions on anything to do with children, spankings grounding ect.

    All in all you do have some good points, however next time you are triing to convince people why they should not have there child circumcised, maybe leave out your point # 49. Completly tastless, saying they will be in good company bla bla bla. It should not be about looks.

    1. Just because you have the right does not make it right!

    2. anyone who watched that video cannot tell me that wasnt child abuse. the only child abuse worse than that would be having the child raped although I could argue easily that mutilation of a babies gentiles is indeed rape.

      the fact anyone after seeing that video could in anyway at all defend that is absurd and the only explanation I have is you are Satan himself or a very loyal follower of Satan.

      No God I follow would ever authorize that and if He does He can send my ass straight to hell here and now. thankfully it appears said God didnt authorize that and did more like a minor cut that just leaves a mark but the foreskin in tact. furthermore Jesus eliminated the need all together later on.

  22. I am a 25 year old male, who is having severe issues due to being circumcised. many people I know are natural, and it pains me to think of why my parent's made this decision.

    You should be EDUCATED on ALL the facts before making being able to proceed.

  23. With all due respect, there is no "humane" way to circumcise a newborn baby boy. There is no way to properly anesthetize them against the pain of genital surgery without endangering their lives.

    As for #49, unfortunately, a TON of people I know believe in male circumcision because "it looks better" and "he'll look like everyone else." It's completely relevant to the those for whom it is about looks.

  24. Oh, and the covenant was not with Adam and Eve, but with Abraham. The covenant specifically required circumcision (which, again, likely had a very different definition then) of Abraham and his sons. Obviously, for those of Jewish descent, this has significance. I would, however, question those who choose which covenants to keep.

    There are 613 Jewish Mitzvot. Circumcision is one of them. Why does that one continue when so many others have ceased?

    (Sorry if I expound here... I do know what I'm talking about with Religion. I have a masters degree in History of Religion and take it pretty seriously.)

  25. Excellent post, which I just shred on facebook. "The more you know, the worse it is" indeed. I just hope I can open some eyes to that. Thank you.

  26. That should read shared, not shred.

  27. I respect your point of view and agree that there is no reason for circ to be a *routine* medical procedure- it should be a choice. However, a few of these are misleading and some villainize my choice. For instance, I don't have a video of my son's circumcision to share, but I was present, and trust me he was anesthetized, did not cry (except when he was first positioned before the procedure actually began), and fell asleep afterwards.

    1. here let me have your most trusted person hand you off to a doctor against your will and cut off your baby toes with minimal pain medicine while strapping your arms and legs down in an uncomfortable position while telling you its for your own good and see if you pass out because you went to sleep or passed out due to shock and pain.

      then let me give you back to this trusted person who turned you over in the first place and we'll see if you still trust this person. the baby has no choice in the matter. you as an adult will probably kill that trusted person the first chance you get. the baby however is simply told by dear old mom and dad "it was for your own good"....if the baby could talk he would probably say "SAVE ME FROM THESE MONSTERS MOMMY WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN. WHY ISNT MOMMY SAVING ME????"

      after the surgey the baby would probably say "LOCK THIS VILE WOMAN UP FOR HIGH TREASON". afterall treason in the eyes of a baby is mommy betraying him.

      but nope Im sure your son enjoyed it and just went right to sleep. I know he couldnt have at all been thinking "I HATE YOU FOR YOU MOMMY"

    2. From "Myths about Circumcision You Likely Believe" (Psychology Today):

      Myth 5: My baby slept right through it.

      Reality check: Not possible without total anesthesia, which is not available. Even the dorsal penile nerve block leaves the underside of the penis receptive to pain. Babies go into shock, which though it looks like a quiet state, is actually the body's reaction to profound pain and distress. Nurses often tell the parents "He slept right through it" so as not to upset them. Who would want to hear that his or her baby was screaming in agony?

  28. I agree, it should be a choice.... his, not yours.

    As for the falling asleep afterward, it has been proven time and time again that babies don't "fall asleep", they go into shock.

    From Dr. Sears:
    "Does it hurt?

    Yes, it hurts. The skin of the penis of a newborn baby has pain receptors completely sensitive to clamping and cutting. The myth that newborns do not feel pain came from the observation that newborns sometimes withdraw into a deep sleep toward the end of the operation. This does not mean that they do not feel pain. Falling into a deep sleep is a retreat mechanism, a withdrawal reaction as a consequence of overwhelming pain. Not only does circumcision cause pain in the penis, the newborns over all physiology is upset. New research shows that during unanaesthetized circumcision, stress hormones rise, the heart rate speeds, and valuable blood oxygen diminishes."

  29. @Anonymous: "parents do have the right to decide on there children. Just like people have opions on anything to do with children, spankings grounding ect." Not "anything", in fact they don't have the right to cut off a single other normal, healthy, functional, non-renewable part of his body, and the most nearly corresponding part of her body gets special legal protection. (And spanking is illegal in this country.)

    Since the medical excuses for circumcision are bogus or exaggerated, that leaves only "looks" and it's often described as "a purely cosmetic operation." Many US women say a a natural penis is "Eew, gross!" so it's important for people to know that many of the men they admire are, in fact, natural. That's why there are more famous intact men (not all "mouth-watering", though) with their clothes on here.

  30. Wish I had found this list or something like it when my son was born. He's natural, but only after a bitter fight between my mother-in-law and my wife and me with lots of tears and shouting.

    I think this list and some of the links would've avoided all that.

  31. While I completely agree with not circumcising your son, some of these are exaggerations that seem unnecessary. Like linking to a thread to prove how many time something goes wrong in a circumcision is not EVIDENCE. Personal stories, although compelling, are different than proof that there is a high percentage of complications.

    1. The gold standard study of circumcision complications, the Williams & Kapila study out of the UK, found that "serious" complications - those that require medical attention - are between 2% and 10%, depending on severity.

      In the United States, that's 24,000 to 120,000 a year. Pretty significant. And tens of thousands more routine "botches" like skin bridges and badly crooked scars.

  32. Alex - I don't think it's supposed to prove a high percentage of complications. It's proving that there CAN be significant complications. Any amount is higher than the 0% chance of complications when not circumcising.

  33. Hi Alex - the rates of complications with circumcisions are extremely hard to find (nobody really knows what they are). Follow-up on the procedure is almost non-existent, and what little research has been done on complications only reports them in the *weeks* following the procedure, not months or years. Doctors, unfortunately, do not have an interest in exposing the true risks, for fear of a lawsuit.

    Lots of expectant parents are told "it's just a snip snip" or "it's easier to deal with if it's cut", and threads like that illustrate how dealing with complications isn't easy at all. I personally know 3 little boys who have had to have their circumcisions "re-done". Their parents are extremely angry that they were not informed of these potential risks when deciding to circumcise.

    Every botched circ story combats "my uncle's cousin's sister's kid had to be circumcised when he was 8 and it was TERRIBLE!". For every one of those stories, there is at least one story of a re-circumcision.

  34. I adore this post. I'm so happy my husband and I both agree to keep any future sons intact. I don't think I could handle knowing I purposefully did something that caused my son pain without a reasonable cause.

  35. My exhusband had many problems from not being circumcised. He would get yeast infections and was told the rate of getting diabetes was higher in uncircumcised men as well as other diseases. He had it done when he was 30 and now has a scar but no problems. However, my current husband had it done when he was a baby and has no scars or health problems. I agree it is your choice but I rather have my son's done after he's born so he don't have problems later in life.

    1. its impossible for there not to be a scar. so I know you are lying. look we can develop all kinds of problems like breast cancer yet I dont see people going around saying lets chop off a girls breasts as an infant as a prevention measure. so you cant justify chopping off a boys foreskin because it might be a problem.

    2. you should first cut your genitals and then decide whether to do it to your son.Women have no say in circumcision. Your ex husband developed yeast infection because he washed his pens with soap which should not be done.You can google it and the diabetes stuff is all bullshit.

  36. That is not true AT ALL. Circumcision does not decrease your risk for diabetes. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. You know what country had an unbelievably high rate of diabetes? The United States--the country full of FAT sugar consuming people. The same country with a very high rate of circumcision. So if you believe that stupidity, we would have a really LOW rate of diabetes in the US. And your ex was probably getting the yeast from YOU. Vaginas harbor yeast like no one's business.

  37. Wow, thanks to Anonymous for addressing that one. Foreskins don't cause diabetes.

    Have you ever had a yeast infection? Did you chop off your labia or did you pick up some medicine at CVS? Just curious.

    how do you know your son won't have problems later in life due to complications of his circumcision? Like hair on his shaft, tight erections, skin bridges, calloused glans?

    Here's the point. It's not YOUR choice. It's HIS.

  38. People also used to say circumcision cured blindness.... Diabetes is definitely a new one. I am thankful everyday I wasn't needlessly mutilated. I feel bad for everyone who never even got a say in the matter. It's such a sick thing to do. I've known about all these points for a long time but it definitely seems more impressive in a list. Great job and I'm sure us internet intactivists are saving a foreskin or two for some lucky little boys.

  39. I don't have an opinion either way but having worked extensively with infants and children for 20 years I can say that some of these are good points but then you take away your credibility with statements like circumcision hinders breastfeeding, or that it's a gaping wound that's harder to clean. Knowing that those statements are out and out silly makes me question all the other statements as someone who just wants to be right instead of present real information.

  40. Thanks for the feedback - a followup, first point.

    Care instructions for a newborn penis with a foreskin: Leave it alone. Don't let anyone mess with it. Wipe it like a finger.

    Care instructions for a newly circumcised penis: At every diaper change, remove gauze (but not too fast because you can pull a scab and cause bleeding), apply Vaseline, reapply gauze. Check for excessive bleeding and/or large clots. Watch for infection, pulled stitches, redness and pus.

    One is *definitely* easier than the other, right?

  41. As for the breastfeeding disruption, here are some additional sources:

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    and KJS, Hickey PR, Pain and its effects in the human neonate and fetus. New Engl J Med 1987; 317 (21):1321-9.

  42. Wow... people just don't want to believe the truth! It's so very sad... boy's health & even LIVES, as well as the sexual pleasure and function of men (and the pleasure of women!) are at risk because of ignorance and misinformation. How can breastfeeding NOT be disrupted by circumcision? If you have a painful wound and your tiny, helpless, brand new body has just come into this world, are you going to be focused on learning how to properly feed from and bond with your Mother? Or will you be preoccupied with the pain you are feeling and the trauma you have just undergone in your first days/weeks of life? Common sense says the latter of the two.
    No medical organization recommends circumcision. It is purely COSMETIC! How can anyone justify having cosmetic surgery performed on a non-consenting infant? Why is our society so conditioned to believe that every male is born with a defect of the penis that we must therefore have chopped off (while doctors and cosmetic companies prosper)? Change is coming... people are beginning to question this harmful and unethical human rights violation! Thank you so much for this wonderful list.

  43. Thanks for posting this. My son is intact, and will remain so until he chooses otherwise by himself. All of these morons and their banter about infections.....85% of the world's males are you REALLY think they are running around stinky and infected? I doubt it. Learn something instead of spouting off jibberish.

  44. This is a great post! Thanks so much for doing this. I will definitely share it.

  45. My son is circ'd, but its a decision we made blindly and we truly regret. My husband is a pediatrician (we had Caleb while he was in his first year of medical school). My husband often says that had be performed a circ prior to Caleb's birth he would NEVER have allowed anyone to do that to him.

    There's nothing I can do about it now, but help spread the word to others and sincerely and deeply apologize to my son for our grave error. I wish I had seen a list like this several years ago!

  46. Woah, love that I found this post! Thanks for taking the time to write everything down. Because of passionate/peaceful moms like you, I've decided to not circ any of our boys if we have some. Both my and my husband's family has done routine circ-ing and we probably would have followed suit. Thankfully, we're better informed now! I write a blog but haven't written about this subject yet...I probably will sometime in the future. :)

  47. Its never medically necessary because everything is fixable or preventable without this extreme procedure. It is the equivalent of removing the tips of ones fingers to prevent a hangnail. The only reasons they perform it today is because they did it yesterday, the day before, etc. Penile dermal reduction is purely superficial and superstitious. Penises certainly aren't pathological by nature as the people who want to remove them for profit would have one believe.

  48. Correction: Foreskins certainly aren't pathological by nature as the people who want to remove them for profit would have one believe, although penile dermal reduction operations can also lead to the removal of penises.

  49. I noticed 42 & 43 covered Christians & Jewish religions, but there was no reference for Muslims.
    Basically the Qur'an says in several places that Allah made the body perfect, but it also states that modification of the body is being led astray by the command of Satan.
    See more at

  50. For any mother who is being told by their husband/male partner "I'm the father. It's my place to decide." I told my husband when I was pregnant with my son "I'm the mother and I'm going to protect my baby from unnecessary body modification." My husband did the research, agreed it was unnecessary and STILL insisted we have our son circumsized. I said "Over my dead body." Our son is intact and I am SO THANKFUL I stood up for him when he was too little and helpless to stand up for himself.

  51. LOVE THIS.

    That is all! =)

  52. it's interesting how many people have said that it's the baby's choice to have his penis cut or not...but why isn't it the baby's choice whether he's born or not?

  53. Out of strict medical or reparative aesthetical motive, alterations of the human body are unethical.

    No physician has a right to answer insane requests.

  54. Jen - because that's a red herring and has no relation at all to the discussion about bodily integrity. Because it's not on-topic, it should not be discussed here. There are plenty of other places you can discuss it.

    //"People are not going to agree when it comes to there beliefs."//

    This pearl of wisdom, given in defence of circumcision, actually shows more than anything why circumcision of infants should not be permitted.

    Because the boy you are cutting will one day be a man, and a man who may not agree that circumcision is necessary. So why force your opinion onto another human being? Let him make his own mind up about his penis, he'll be living with it all his life, so surely his opinion is the most important?

  55. I started to watch the video but as soon as they baby had his arms and legs strapped down I couldn't continue. That is truly disgusting to strap down an innocent baby like that, it would crush my heart to do that.

  56. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful!
    I am a man.
    I was cut at 3 days old. I am now 39 and restoring. I have lost 20,000 nerve endings that I WILL NEVER GET BACK. NEVER! Ask any human which 20,000 nerve endings they would be willing to give up.....what is there response? My wife and I are trying to have children now and we will not be harming our baby...boy or girl. 75years ago everybody though smoking was a good idea too. Like Facebook ruins lives. how many people have been robbed or harmed or unfaithful as a result of Facebook. There is no security on it. In 42 minutes someone can find you a photo of your wife, her car, auto tag search, property search and be outside your house waiting to rob her or worse.....yet people post EVERYTHING on it.
    Watching the video should be mandatory.
    If you are a good parent or consider yourself a good person research BOTH sides of the debate. Be willing to make an informed decision for your children. Just as you pick their food, education, speech, arm yourself with LOTS of information.
    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of women. I honestly feel that circumcision in the US will not end until the women and mothers say NO.
    Thanks for saying

  57. A great list. I'm 26 and would sue my parents / the doctor for doing this to me if I could. Wish my folks had given some thought before having my penis permanently altered to suite their wishes and beliefs.

  58. I come from a family of routine circ-ers. My husband comes from a family of intact men. It took a conversation of less than 1 minute for us to agree to NOT cut our sons. We are practical people. Routine circumcision is NOT practical, or humane. We now have 2 beautiful intact boys.

    Some parents circumcise because they are told that it is easier to keep a circ'ed penis clean. This is NOT true. I have never had any issues. I simply throw my boys in the bathtub and let their natural curiosity to "check themselves out" work it's magic.

    That being said, my husband's cousin had to make the difficult decision to circumcise his intact son at the age of 8. This was after many, many infections. I would call this an medically necessary circumcision. Situations like this I believe are very rare and do not justify routine circumcision. It's equal to removing the appendix "just in case".

    I believe the medical community should do more to inform. They are simply not doing their jobs.

  59. Great post!!! Best I"ve seen yet. Except, I thought FGM was outlawed in 1997 not 1985????? Are you sure?

  60. Thanks for this wonderfully written list. ALL are great and valid points. I have saved this to my "favorites" so I can share it with any friend of mine who is expecting a baby boy. Thanks again!! :)

  61. Just fabulous - plain langauge and factual. I will be using this as my go-to article. THANK-YOU!

  62. Just found this article by way of a Saving Sons link on Twitter. It's neat how the interconnected network works, isn't it? You've done a wonderful job, you know, elucidating the many reasons to leave baby boys intact and natural. As the proud parent of an intact little boy, I couldn't be happier to read so many excellent justifications for letting him decide what to do with his reproductive organs. I am now a follower of this blog, of course, and I can't thank you enough for this post, especially, which may come in quite handy to pass along in the future when friends/relatives are expecting their own babies and are faced with the "decision" (as if it should be their decision at all!). Anyway, I truly am in awe of the work you have done here. Cheers and best... Tim

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. say no more cruelty.............

  65. Wow, this was really informative, I'm glad I read it! You've definitely changed my mind!

  66. I'm uncut and peed a bit in my pants after reading that comment. I blame it on my parents decision.

  67. The only reason for my family to circumcise me was because of a damn religion we don't even follow any more... I truly hate it.

  68. How True,REX

  69. my husband and i chose to circumcise our boys, my husband actually watched with our oldest son, they do use a local anesthetic, and the whole time even during getting the shots of anesthetic he didnt make a peep and slept through the whole thing, my second son did the same, its a parental decision and since our babies cant make there own decision we have to do what we think is best. everyone has differing opinions and thats fine. its a choice and everyone has one and people should respect that.

    1. so you're a liar(saying the baby didnt cry) and a child abuser(authorizing the cutting off of skin and mutilating a perfectly good organ)? and you feel no remorse about it and think its merely a choice?

      burn in hell.

  70. I thought the point about having a surgery wound IN the diaper with pee and poop was a good one. Poor babies!

  71. Anonymous - first, I think most parents make decisions with their sons' best interests in mind. That makes them GOOD parents.

    It is a choice, but not everyone gets to have one. Your son didn't.

  72. Correction to #38: It was actually legal until 1997!

  73. Your article is a load of bull, speaking as a Doctor. I vowed to do no harm with my life's work. How dare you try to insult that with your ignorance and impact all of these other people. By the time a man could make the choice with all the correct experience etc. they'd have made the procedure 20 times more complicated and dangerous to preform as well as painful. It's a preventative measure taken to give that boy the best chance at a healthy life. Along with all of the other things we do as preventative measure, are you against those as well. They may be preventative but most of them save millions of lives every day. To you your own, but please don't try to make it be factual when it is an opinion you express.

    1. Now that is rich indeed of you to accuse the author of ignorance. It would appear that not only are you ignorant of all the harm you inflict, but are also arrogant in the extreme and wilfully blind to the facts. We intactivists truly have much work to do.

    2. I refuse to believe that this is a doctor. I bet it's just someone fishing for attention.

    3. If this is a difficult question to ask as a parent, it must be infinitely more difficult to grapple with as a doctor. I believe most doctors who perform this surgery *think* they are doing the right thing, or at least a morally ambiguous thing. It does not make it right. Yes, an adult circumcision is more complicated. Pain is relative and unclear (because an infant can't tell you how much pain they have), but consent is not unclear.

      "I believe the time has come to acknowledge that the practice of routine circumcision rests on the absurd premise that the only mammal in creation born in the condition that requires immediate surgical correction is the human male."

      - Thomas Szasz, M.D

    4. your opinon sounds worse than any others. so extreme and arogant! really, what do u know about prevention?





      - more likely to be diagnosed with AUTISM,

      AS ADULTS:




  74. I'm a 25 year old man, and I am thankful that I have a complete manhood. Not once did I ever wonder why my penis was different nor feel ashamed as a child. Do the right thing. Leave your son's penis alone.

  75. I loved reading this, a friend just had their child circumcised and it got infected and the doctor just said it happens a lot.. It's just pointless nowadays ... Also 500 babies die a year from it.. WTF.. Why would you bother.. And the fact people say its unclean is b*llshit because you clean it like you would the rest of your body..

  76. Good and another post from you admin :)

  77. This was one of the only things my husband and I ever fought over. I am and have always been against circumcision, and while I fought for my son to remain intact until he was old enough to decide for himself, my husband said it was not for me to decide ~ I wasn't a man. I wish fathers would get it out of their heads their son needs to look like them, even at the cost of forced mutilation. FYI ~ The Dr. sided with my husband...shocking, right?

  78. If they use anesthetic,then why does the baby in the video scream bloody murder? I'll tell you why...because it's in excruciating pain!!! I couldn't watch the whole video!!! When I was pregnant with my son,everyone was pushing for circumcision(even my husband,who is not circumcised) but I refused to let it happen!!! My son is now 9 and there have never been any problems. I wish people would open there eyes!!! Everyone who is expecting should see that video!

  79. My son is happily intact and I am so very proud of the little person I created and protected. His genitalia is thoroughly uninteresting to look after; we have never treated it differently to the rest of his body. I believe that is the key. There seems to be a different standard for boys and girls, penises and labia/vulva/vagina/clitoris, noses and penises. If you view your child as whole, their genitals become a part of them, not something you must cut off to make them 'normal'.

    I don't mean to offend any circumcised men (your heart is what makes you beautiful, not your penis), but whenever I see a circumcised penis, my heart breaks a little for the baby they used to be and the pain that little one endured so needlessly. I continue to lose 'friends' over my passion for genital integrity and genital equality, but you can't put a price on the safety, happiness, protection and wholeness of a beautiful child.

    Thank you so much for all you do!

  80. Thank you so much for this list. I am currently carrying a baby boy, and it made my decision so much easier, and got my husband on board too. I just can't believe how much flack we are already getting from people (as if the decision is any of their business) but if we happen to mention that we're not going to circ, family and friends will all say that's "gross" or "the bible says you need to" and a lot of other ridiculous things. But I will NOT change my mind. It's HIS body, HIS choice. MY job as a parent is to PROTECT him, not chop off random body parts for no good reason. Before I had done any research, I was fine with circumcision. Now, after learning so much, I am literally sickened by it. I have shared your list with many, and hope it helps other mothers to protect their sons as well. Thanks again. -Lulu

  81. Thank you also for assembling these simple, factual and persuasive reasons. The evidence is clear that the more parents know, the less likely they are to cut their son's genitalia. The pictures are also very powerful.

    I do find the claim of parental rights to be disingenuous, though compelling to many parents I'm sure. Obviously we do not have the right to cut our daughter's genitalia, although traditional in more than a dozen countries and cultures around the globe, it is illegal in the US by federal law. Laws are made by people, culture evolves over time (hence our culture of cutting contrary to common sense), and religion can justify anything. Yet after more than 100 years of cutting in this country, the medical "evidence" is still obviously bogus. There is no medical ethic that provides justification for this practice.

  82. There shouldn't need to be 50 reasons. Just 1: it's not your damn body or decision!

    1. this is powerful enough! thank God for all of yours research, opinions, and some shared ur experiences. it really help me out here with my beautiful happy one yr old son, intact! cant imagine to risk his life for cir. just cant imgine put him on the surg. table. NO! thank u all!

    2. my one reason would be its child abuse and high treason in the eyes of the child. Im not sure which is worse a pedophile or "loving parents" who do this?

  83. Ok so I disagree with you saying it disrupts breastfeeding as I had my son done at less than a week old. never once afterward did he have a hard time latching or feeding from me. he breastfed for 6 months. I also disagree that there is scars and skin tags left behind. my son has neither. and it does help with infections as I had 4 different coworkers who had to get their sons done around the age of 10 cause no matter how much the cleaned it, it was infection after infection and 4 different drs said it had to be done cause they were getting to many to keep giving them antibiotics for all the time. believe it or not but to much antibiotic can be bad for you. and I live in Canada and when we had our son done it was in a proper surgery room so your argument their is wrong too. I was allowed in with our son they didn't tie him down to the bed to do it either so your wrong there again. and my son who was awake the whole time didn't even cry at all through it. he just looked at me and was quite. and your wrong with your care instructions too. you do not remove the gauze, you leave it alone until it falls off itself. and while cleaning it while in the gauze type thing you use a warm wash cloth and just lightly dab it so it comes clean. I do not regret getting my son done, I feel it is cleaner and so does my hubby. you have your opinions and I have mine, but some of your facts are wrong.

    1. Lady YOUR facts are wrong. Just because your victim son was not circumcised as described does not mean her blog is inaccurate. She described the normal or standard techniques in use. Yes, your son is a victim...of parental stupidity and selfishness, of having a painful cosmetic procedure done for no reason and many other things. This whole my son will match his daddy thing is ludicrous. Are you going to trim your baby girls labia to match mommy? Do all the men proudly display their matching penises at family functions? The reasons I hear are DISGUSTING. Congrats on taking away a very important choice from your son...a choice that affects his life in a multitude of ways. You should be quite proud as a mother to have inflicted unnecessary pain upon your newborn for a CHOICE that YOU prefer for assanine reasons. I thank God for my healthy,happy,perfect as God intended INTACT WHOLE NATURAL son.

    2. yet the very definition of circumcision means it will have to leave a scar. how it can it not leave a scar? furthermore the after affects of it such as the penis head getting rough and tough rather than remaining smooth because its not supposed to be exposed as evidenced by the fact that it comes out of the body covered.

      then we have your belief that your child wasnt in pain....supposing they could put the newborn to sleep(which they cant its too risky) there is the fact that after the surgery the baby would be in severe pain.

      they also must tie the baby down because and heres the shocker....babies *GASP* dont like pain and certainly dont like to be cut open. so what can a baby do? a baby can cry and move his arms and legs so they must be tied down.

      then there is your friends sons had to get it done due to infections....yea lets go ahead and call BS.

      i hope you a child abusing *insert insult here* burns in hell.

  84. Okay very interesting...but what's done is done and I am fine. I will consider this though if I ever have a son of my own. It makes sense.

  85. I can see the cleanliness part being an issue though with fluids and infections that foreskin seals all of that crap in there.

  86. Not crazy about the word "it" to refer to a human body part. Sounds shaming and disrespectful. Isn't that the opposite of what Intactivists are about? Ending Male Genital Mutilation starts with ending negativity and shame about the human penis.

  87. Good article, and I resist an urge to pick at it, but much of its advocacy is mild when it could be much stronger; two quick examples come to mind: (1)EVERY circumcised penis has at least one circumcision scar: a scar line juncture where mucosa (inner foreskin)and epidermis (outer foreskin) have grown back together. (2) Except for Australia and Canada the list of countries with low circumcision rates are all under 5%, most of them under 1% (virtually non-existent). It is important to not create a delusion that circumcision is "universal and increasing" when the opposite is reality.

  88. "was told the rate of getting diabetes was higher in uncircumcised men as well as other diseases" DIABETES? How utterly preposterous. A perfect example of how US physicians will make up reasons to inflict a circumcision on a man. That's one even the foremost producers of pseudo-medical junk science on behalf of child circumcision have not gotten into any professional journal . . . yet. Give 'em time!

  89. Maybe the circumcision rate would drop if legally they had to call it what it really is. Genital Mutilation. How would that go in hospitals?

    "Have you decided to have your sons genitals mutilated? No? Can't imagine why..."

  90. Infant circumcision rates are higher than 10% in the following countries: USA, Israel, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan, Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of Congo, Eritrea, and Kenya.

    Correction please. Only U.S. has infant circumcision rate while all of those countries such as Indonesia are totally no infant male circumcision rate! It's very ridiculous that Indonesia is included as one of the countries have "infant circumcision" rate.

  91. For the Christian one, Jesus was a Jew so he was circumcised. So by their beliefs God was circumcised. I my self am circumcised and am happy for it. I don't see any reason for in our modern life to have foreskin and am personally glad to not have it.

    1. And if you DID have it, you would be happy you did. It is what you are used to. Keep in mind that Jewish circumcision is very different from modern day American circumcision. The Jews called it a briss...because they only nicked it. Modern day circ-ing removes the entire foreskin...a method created to punish and prevent masturbation. And what about how Christ died on the cross for all our sins?....making the sacrifice of the foreskin no longer necessary? ...(just like the sacrifice of the lamb...or do you still murder baby animals in God's name?) You don't see any reason for a foreskin? What about to protect the head of the penis...? just like our nails protect the heads of our fingers and toes... I don't see any reason for my ear lobes...but I don't plan to chop them off.

    2. yet according to John 7 I think it is verse 20-23 Jesus heals a circumcised man who had just been circumcised. Jesus also says the old laws were fulfilled through him. also what that other guy said.

      you sir are a liar.

  92. I think its always a choice, but I'd rather have it circumcised during early years so that pain won't be experienced when the person is still a baby.
    all about here


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  94. Im always sharing this page with people it's so perfectly informative!! It was what really kicked my being against RIC into gear and enlightened me to that -real- facts of RIC as opposed to the myths that society feeds everyone.

  95. This is the most stupid and ridiculous article I think I have ever read. I am cut from birth. I'm not autistic, I ate fine as a infant, I don't have ADHD, I don't have or fear a higher risk of penile cancer, when my circumcision happened I didn't know or care what my penis looked liked, I don't remember any of the pain, there were no infections afterwards because my parents changed me regularly and took the right steps, there is little to no scarring on my penis, I don't masturbate any more or any less than any other red blooded male, I don't have problems getting hard, sex still feels phenominal, I have never had a woman complain about not reaching orgasm, every woman I have been with has supplied plenty of her own natural lubricant, I don't hate my parents for their decision, it was done in a clean hospital room, my penis was not "mutilated", I truly don't care who from the past and present was or is cut or uncut, my circumcision was not done in the name of any religion. I am a happy, healthy and virile 30 year old male who is happy to be circumcised. My son WILL be circumcised.

    1. I sincerely hope you never had children. in fact I hope you die.

      why do i wish this? because such obvious child abuse that can be so easily avoided should be avoided and those that participate in it deserve to suffer. and suffer greatly.

      i do find it funny you say your penis isnt mutilated yet 85% or so of the foreskin is cut off which my good man counts as mutilation. also these women you are doing I hate to tell you but you cant satisfy them anymore. its physically impossible. you see that foreskin acts a natural part of the sex act. it makes it easier to penetrate and is a natural lubricant. this foreskin also has 20000 nerve receptors in it. these are the never receptors needs to get your aroused and to be able to ejaculate. theres a reason the foreskin is what gets you turned on. this extra foreskin however allows more control over the ejaculation and as such helps cut down on any premature releases if not outright eliminate them.

      This foreskin also protects the penis which much like your eyelids and eyelashes protects an inner organ. failure to have this protection results in a rough and calloused penis. so yes the penis still works but not as intended.

      this surgery also leaves a scar. its impossible for it not too.

      furthermore the thought that mutilating babies is acceptable to you is appalling. I hope you burn in hell for such thoughts.

    2. When I was 30 I thought nothing of my circumcision and felt all right. But wait until you are 40 or so and then, look out. The rest of your body still works fine but wait, my penis has lost a ton of sensitivity. What's happening! It's you infant circumcision coming back to haunt you. Then you will scour the internet and read in horror really what damage was done to you when they cut your penis at birth. You will read it and weep, literally, I did. So you think you are healthy and happy and virile at 30? Sadly that won't last! I know.

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